Success Borne Out of Passion

If starting a business was easy, everybody would be doing it. If it wasn’t fun, nobody would be doing it. And, with the challenges currently facing all sectors – particularly hospitality, sport and entertainment – it takes more courage than ever. But when your time is right, it’s right – when the going gets tough the tough get going.

We all have our skills. I can’t act. I can’t fly a plane. But I can get a business off the ground and make it perform.

Having started, established and built a sector-leading brand – Java Republic – over thirty years, I didn’t just meet challenges, I went out to find them. I have since sold that brand to Cafento, a wonderful family business run by people who share my values. Following the market challenges of 2020, I have been working closely with them which has been a great experience, they are teaching me a lot.

Outside of that, I am free to lend my experience and financial resources to like-minded individuals with projects I can believe in.

I know just how hard and lonely business can be but I’ve never given up, no matter how hard things got. It’s taught me that, most of the time, it’s YOU that’s the problem. You just need to know when to get out of your own way.

I bring you a leading edge management style, inspiration and 100% commitment. I will leave you with a competitive edge, relevant innovation, a clear market focus and a direct route to success.


I invest in projects that excite me and in people whose vision is similar to my own. Availability of cash makes that vision a reality.
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I turn ideas into reality by finding strategies, connections, innovations, directions, markets, partnerships and associations.
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I mentor individuals and teams by drawing on my own experience and passion.
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