What I Do

David McKernan - What I Do


I invest in projects that excite me and in people whose vision is similar to my own. Availability of cash makes that vision a reality.

As a private equity fund I’m dedicated to investing in high growth Irish SMEs and mid-market businesses, and international business looking for local investment to get a foothold in the Irish market.

Investments I’ve made so far include: Triviumvet – an animal life science business and Splink – an online payment system. With my own passion for Food, Wine and Health, I’m drawn to businesses in those areas.

I’m always interested in talking to founder owners, family businesses and management teams seeking capital for buy-and-build strategies.



I turn ideas into reality by finding strategies, connections, innovations, directions, markets, partnerships and associations.

I know the importance of having a great team surrounding you, people who share your vision but can think for themselves. I can show you how to create serious growth if you have the necessary courage. I will make you challenge yourself but if risk scares you, we’re not meant for one another.

I’m always on the lookout for like-minded people with ideas, vision, passion and a hunger for success. People that challenge themselves, and businesses with commercial ideas that challenge the market they enter, excite me.



I mentor individuals and teams by drawing on my own experience and passion. More importantly, I help you to draw on resources, facilities and instincts you didn’t know you had.

When we see opportunities together, I’ll make you pursue them with all the drive you’ve got. I like winning and, if you do too, you’ll recognise that winning is a mentality not a wish. I’ll show you that being an entrepreneur is hard but it’s the most fun you’ll ever have. As a mentor, I may not be for everyone but if I’m for you, you’ll get 100% honest, constructive – sometimes abrasive – feedback all day long, for as long as it takes.

I am retained as a mentor by Bord Bia, Ireland’s food development authority, and as Brand Ambassador by Java Republic. I’m also available to help your business meet the challenges on its trajectory to success.